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Keystone "Casey" Lanterns

Following are known railroads that used marked "Casey" railroad lanterns manufactured by the Keystone Lantern Company. Railroads in black are from the original "Key, Lock and Lantern" magazine article. Railroads in bold red have been added since the original article was published. Our thanks to everyone who has sent in new markings! Please see copyright information and other comments in the footnotes.

Alabama & Vicksburg
Aliquippa & Southern
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
Atlantic Coast Line
Baltimore & Ohio (2-guard-wire models); also **
Bailtimore & Ohio Terminal

Bessemer & Lake Erie
Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena
Buffalo & Susquehanna
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific
Canadian Northern (National)
Canadian Northern Quebec
Canadian Pacific
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio
Central New England Railway
Chesapeake & Ohio**
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Chicago Great Western
Chicago Junction Railway
Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis
Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific
Colorado Midland
Cumberland Valley (C.V.R.R.)**
Donora Southern Co. (D.S.Co.)
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
East Broad Top
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern
Hocking Valley
Huntington & Broad Top
Idaho & Washington Northern
Indianapolis Union
International Railway Co. (INT.RY.CO
Iowa Central Railway
Kanawha & Michigan
Kansas, Ft. Scott Traction and Light Co.

Lake Terminal
Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co.
Lehigh Valley
Long Island
Manistee & North-Eastern R.Rd.
Metropolitan West Side Elevated Ry (Bellbottom)

McCloud River
Midland Valley
Minneapolis & St. Louis (2-guard-wire models)
N&A Ry Co. (probably shop-marked)
New Orleans & Northeastern
New York, New Haven & Hartford
New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk
Norfolk & Southern
Norfolk & Western
Pennsylvania Lines
Pennsylvania System (PS within logo)

Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac-Washington
Shade Gap (SGRR)

South Side Elevated (SSE)
Seaboard Air Line
Southern Indiana
Staten Island Rapid Transit
Ulster & Delaware
Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific
Washington Terminal Co.
Winston Salem Southbound
Zanesville & Western
  • This material is copyrighted by Key, Lock & Lantern, Inc. and cannot be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without express permission from the Board of Trustees.

  • All markings are reported as KL&L members have identified them. No attempt has been made to verify authenticity of any marking. The accuracy of this material is not guaranteed by Key, Lock & Lantern, Inc.

  • No ownership information is maintained with the survey listings. All new markings sent in for addition to the list are treated anonymously, and no ownership information will be disclosed.

  • Information in blue is shown as published in Key, Lock and Lantern (#69, Fall, 1983, pp.1130-1131) and are not the exact markings, i.e. lettering, found on the lanterns. Most lanterns listed are single guard (horizontal) models, with exceptions noted. This list was originally maintained by Fred "Keystone Casey" Collins, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • ** Some bellbottoms reported.

Updated 12/8/02.