Lantern & Globe Surveys
Key, Lock & Lantern

5 3/8" Marked Globes

Following are known markings of 5 3/8" globes, which were used in "tall" lanterns. Markings in blue are from the original "Key, Lock and Lantern" survey articles. Markings in bold red have been added since the articles was published. Please see copyright information and other comments in the footnotes.

Markings are grouped by railroad and have been recorded as accurately as possible.  However, due to the nature of the surveys, there may be inaccuracies, particularly with regard to capitalization (e.g., "Y" vs "y" in "Ry").  Next to the markings are letter pairs (or in the case of cut globes, a letter followed by "Cut"). The first of each letter pair indicates color (C = clear; R = red; B = blue; G = green; Y or A = yellow or amber) and the second indicates type of marking (C = cast, E = etched, unless specified as Cut). For example, CC = "clear cast" and BE = "blue etched ".  Two letters separated by a slash means a two-color globe, e.g., G/CC = "green over clear cast". Logo globes are those globes which have, as part of the marking, artwork which was a trademark of the railroad, e.g., the B&O Capitol Dome.

Adams Express Co


Adirondack & St. Lawrence - See Atlantic & St. Lawrence 

Alabama & Vicksburg
     A&V   CC

     A&V Ry CE

Algoma Central
     ACR   RE

American Express Co
     AMEXCO   CE

American Railway Express
     AM RY EX   CE

Ann Arbor RR
     AARR   CE   RE
     Ann Arbor RR   CC

Armour & Co
     ARMOUR & Co   CE

Astoria & Columbia River RR
     A&CRRRCo   CC

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
     SANTE FE (logo)  CC  RC  YC  GC  BC
     SANTA FE   CE  CC  GE  YE  
     SANTA FE (logo)  YE  GE  BE
     AT&SFRY   CC  RC  RE  CE
     AT&SFRR   CC
     AT&SF   CC  CE
     Santa Fe Route   RC
     ATSFRY   RC

Atlantic & Great Western Ry
     A&GWRy   CE
     A&GWRR   CC

Atlantic & Pacific
     A&P   CCut

Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic RR
     AB&ARR   RE   RC

Atlantic & Saint Lawrence
     A&StLRyCo   CE

Atlantic Coast Line

Aurora , Elgin & Chicago
     AE&C   CE

Unknown (perhaps Allegheny Valley)
     AVRR   CE

Baltimore & Ohio RR
     B&O   CC  RC
     B&ORR   CC  RC  GC  BC  CE  YE  BE  RE  G/CC   B/CC AC
     CAPITAL DOME (logo)   CC  RC  YC  GC CE  

Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern
     B&OSWRR   CC
     B&OSWRy   CC  RC

     B&OSW   RE

Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Ry
     BC&ARy   CE

Bangor & Aroostook - Some markings also reported as Boston & Albany
     B&A   CC  RC
     B&ARR   CC  RC  RE  YE  CE

Beech Creek Ry
     BCRy   RE

Belt Ry of Chicago
     BELT RY   CE  CC RC

Bessemer & Lake Erie RR
     B&LERR   CC  RC  CE  RE  GE
     B&LE   CE  CC

Boston & Albany - See Bangor & Aroostook

Boston & Lowell RR
     B&LRR   BC

Boston & Maine RR
     B&MRR   CC  RC  YC  GC  BC  CE RE
     B&M   CC

Boston & Worchester
     B&WR   CC

Boston, Reading & Philadelphia - See Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh

Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn RR
     BRB&LRR   CC  RC  CE RE

Bradford, Bordell & Kinzua RR
     BB&KRR   RE

Brooklyn Rapid Transit
     BRT   CC
     BRT CO  CC

Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co
     B&LETCo   CE

Buffalo & Susquehanna
     B&SRy   CE
     B&S   CC  RC  RE  CE
     B&SRR   CC  RC  CE

Buffalo, Lockport & Rochester
     BL&RRY   CE

Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh - Markings also reported as Boston, Reading & Philadelphia
     BR&PRy   CC  RC  GC  CE  GE
     BR&PRR   CC  RC  YE
     BR&P   CE  CC

Burlington & Missouri River RR
     B&MoRRR   CE

Burlington & Missouri River RR in Nebraska
     B&M NEB   CC
     B&M in NEB   CC

Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern

Butte, Anaconda & Pacific
     BA&P Ry    CC

     BA&P Ry    RE

Canadian Government Ry
     OGR   CC  YC

Canadian National Rys.
     CNR   CC  RC
     CNRy   YE

Canadian Pacific
     CPR   CC  RC  YC  BC
     CP   RC
     CP Ry      CE

Canon Coal
     C.C.Co.   CE

Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Ry
     CC&ORy   CC  CE
     CC&O   CE  RE

Carson & Colorado - Markings also reported as Coal & Coke Ry.
     C&CRR   CC
     C&CRy   CE

Catawaissa & Westerport Electric Ry
     C&WERy   CE

Central Indiana & Southern - See Chicago, Indiana & Southern

Central Indiana Ry Co
     CIRyCo   CE

Central Jersey - See Chicago Junction

Central New England
     CNERy   CC  RC
  CE  BE

Central New England & Western
     CNE&W RR   CC

Central of Georgia
     CENT of GA Ry   CE  RE  GE  BE

Central RR of Iowa
     CRRofIA   CU

Central RR of New Jersey
     CRRofNJ   CC  RC  GC  CE  RE  AE CCut BC
     CRRNJ   CE

Central Vermont
     CVRy   CC  RC  CE
     CVRyCo   GE

Chesapeake & Ohio
     C&ORy   CC  RC
     C&ORR   CC  RC  CE  RE
     C&ORY   CC  RC  GC

Chesapeake & Western RR
     C&WRR   CE

Cheshire RR - Markings also reported as Concord RR and Clinchfield RR
     CRR   CC  RC  CE

Chestnut Ridge Ry
 CR Ry   CE

Chesterfield & Lancaster - Markings also reported as Cornwall & Lebanon
     C&LRRCo   RE

Chicago & Alton
     C&ARR   CC  RC CE (Presentation globe) 
     C&A   CE
     C&ARy   CE

Chicago & Atlantic
     C&Atl   CC

Chicago & Eastern Illinois
     C&EIRR   CC  RC CE YC
     C&EI   CC  RC  RE

Chicago & Illinois Western
     C&IWRR   CE

Chicago & Milwaukee Electric
     C&ME RR   RE

Chicago & North Shore
     CNS   CE

Chicago & Nothern Pacific
     C&NP RR   RE

Chicago & Northwestern
     C&NWRY   CC  RC  BC  GC 
     C&NWRR   CC
     C&NW   CC 
     C&NWRy    CE 

Chicago & Oak Park Elevated
     C&OPERR   CE

Chicago & St. Louis
     C&StL   CC

Chicago & Western Indiana
     C&WI   CC  RC

Chicago, Aurora & DeKalb RR
     CA&DKRR   CE

Chicago, Aurora & Elgin
     CA&E   CE

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
     CB&QRR   CC  RC  YC  BC  CE

Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville
     CC&LRR   CE  RE

Chicago Elevated
     Chicago Elev RR   RE

Chicago Great Western
     CGWRR   CC  RC  CE
     CGW   CC  GC 
     C.G.W   {no period after W}   CE
     CGWRY   CC  RC
     CGWRy   CC  RC  YC  BC

Chicago, Indiana & Southern - Markings also reported as Central Indiana & Southern
     CI&SRR   CC  RC  CE 

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville
     CI&L   CC  RC  CE 
     MONON ROUTE  (logo) CC  RC  BC  YC 
     MONON   CE
     CI&LRy   RE

Chicago Junction Ry - Markings also reported as Central Jersey
     CJRy   CE  RE
     CJry   CE
     CJRR   CE

Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska
     CK&N   CE

Chicago, Lake Shore & Eastern RR
     CLS&E   CE

Chicago, Lake Shore & South Bend Ry
    CLS&SB Ry    RE

Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary
     CM&GRY   CE

Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
     CM&PS   CC
     CM&PS Ry  CC

Chicago, Milwaukee & Saint Paul
     CM&StPRy   CC  RC  GC
     CM&STPRy   CE  RE  GE  BE
     CM&STP   RE  GE  BE
     CM&STPRR   RE
     CM&STPRY   CE

Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific

Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee
     CNS&MRR   CE  RE

Chicago, Peoria & Saint Louis RR
     CP&STLRR   RE

     CP&STL   CE

Chicago Rapid Transit
     CRTCo   CE  RE

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
     CRI&PRR   CE
     CRI&PRy   CE
     CRI&PRR   CC
     CRI&P   CE  RE  CCut
     ROCK ISLAND  (logo)  CE  RE

Chicago, Saginaw & Canada - See Columbus, Springfield & Cincinnati

Chicago, Saint Louis & Pacific
     CStL&P   GE

Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha
     NORTHWESTERN (logo)   RE
     CStPM&O   BE
     CStPM&ORy   RC

Chicago, Santa Fe & California
     CSF&CRR   BC

Chicago, South Bend & Northern Indiana Ry
     CSB&NIRY   RE

Chicago Terminal Transfer
     CTTRR   CE

Chicago, Terre Haute & Southeastern Ry
     CTH&SERy   CE  RE
     CTH&SERR   CE  RE

Chicago, Terre Haute & Southern Ry
     CTH&SRY   CE  RE

Chicago, West Pullman & Southern
     CWP&S   CE

     CWP&S RR    RE   

Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf RR
     CO&GRR   RC  BC

Cincinnati & Columbus Traction Co
     C&CTCo   RE

Cincinnati, Buffton & Chicago RR
     CB&CRR   RE

Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
     CH&DRR   CC  RC  GC  CE
 C Cut
     CH&DRy   CE
     CH&D   CC

Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western RR
     CI&WRR   CE

Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Saint Louis & Chicago Ry
     CIStL&CRy   CC
     CISTL&C   GE

Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw
     CJ&M   RE

Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Ry
     CNO&TPRy    CC  RC
     CNO&TP      CC  RC  CE

Cincinnati Northern
     CNRR   CE  RE

Cincinnati, Portsmouth & Virginia
     CP&V   CE

Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland - See Columbus, Springfield & Cincinnati

Cincinnati Southern RR
     CSRR   CE

Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore
     CW&B   CC

City of New York

Cleveland & Marietta - See Concord & Montreal

Cleveland & South Western Traction Co
     C&SWTCO   CE

Cleveland, Canton & Southern RR
     CC&SRR   CC

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & Saint Louis
     CCC&StLRy   CC  RC
     CCC&StL   CC  RC  YC
     CCC&STLRY    CE  YE  RE  

Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis RR
     CCC&IRR   GE
     CCC&IRy   CC

Cleveland, Indianapolis, Saint Louis & Chicago Ry
     CIStL&CRy   CC

Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
     CL&WRR   CC
     CL&W   CE

Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Ry
     CSW&CRy   CE

Clinchfield - Also see Cheshire RR
     CRRCO   CE  GE

Clinton & Oklahoma Western
     C&OWRy   RC

Coal & Coke Ry - See Carson & Colorado

Colorado & Southern Ry
     C&SRy   CC  CE  YE RE  GE
     C&SRR   CE  GE
     C&S   CE
     C&SRyCo   CE

Colorado & Wyoming Ry
     C. & W. Ry.   CE   GE
     C. & W. Ry. Co.   BE

Colorado Fuel & Iron Co
     CF&ICo   CE
    C.F.& I.   CC

Colorado Midland Ry
     CMRY   RE  BE  GE  CE
     CMRR   CC  RC   (CC in different letter styles)
     CMRR CE

Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Ry
     C.S. &C.C.D.  RC  CC
     C.S. & C.C.D. Ry   CE

Columbia & Nehalem River
     C&NRRR   CE 

Columbus, Delaware & Marion
     CD&MRy   CE  

Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo
     CHV&T   RE
     CHV&TRy   YC

Columbus, Shawnee & Hocking RR
     CS&HRR   CC  RE 

Columbus, Springfield & Cincinnati RR - Markings also reported as Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland and Chicago, Saginaw & Canada
     CS&CRR   RE

Concord & Montreal - Markings also reported as Cleveland & Marietta
     C&MRR   CC  RC
     C&M   CE

Concord RR - See Cheshire RR

Connecticut River RR - Also reported as Copper Range RR
     CRRR   CE  CC

Copper Range RR - See also Connecticut River RR

Cornwall & Lebanon - See Chesterfield & Lancaster

Cripple Creek & Colorado Springs
     C.C. & C.S. RY.   CE   RE
     C.C. & C.S. RY. CO.   CE

Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR
     C&PRR   RE 
     C&Pa RR   GC   

Cumberland & Westernport Electric Ry
     C&WERy   CE

Cumberland Valley RR
     CVRR   CC  CE  RE  G/CCut
     CVRyCo   GE
     CV     G/CCut
     CVRR Co      CC

     CIRy   CE
     CQB   CE

Danville & Mt Morris
     D&MtM    CC

Danville & Northern RR
     D&NRRCo   CE

Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnatti & Terminal Co

Dayton, Springfield & Urbana Electric Ry
     DS&UERY   CE

Dayton Union Ry
     DURy   RE

Delaware & Eastern
     D&E Ry Co   CE

Delaware & Hudson
     THE D&H  (logo)  CC  RC  GC  YC
     D&H    CC  RC  CE  BE
     D&H RR   AE RE
     D&H Co.  CE

Delaware & Hudson Canal Co
     D&H C Co   CC  RC  CE  RE  BE
     D&HCCO   CE

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
     DL&WRR   CC  RC  GC  BC   YC  CE   RE   GE
     DL&W   CC

Denver & Rio Grande RR
     D&RGRR     CC  RC  CE  RE  BE  GC  BC
     D&RG   CC  RC

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR
     D&RGW    CE  YE RE
     D&RGWRR    CC

Denver & Salt Lake Ry
     D&SLRY    CE
     D&SL    RE

Des Moines & Kansas City
     DM&KCRy    CC 

Des Moines Union
     DMURy   CE

Des Moines Valley
     DMVRR  CC 

Detroit Southern RR
     DSRR   CE  CC

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
     DT&I   CE
     DT&IRR   CC  GC  CE  RE
     DT&IR   CE
     DT&IRy   CC

Detroit Union RR
     DURy   CE  RE

Duluth & St. Paul
     D&SP   CC

Duluth & Iron Range RR
     D&IR RR   CE
     D&I RR   CC
     D&IR   CC

Duluth, Missabe & Northern Ry
     DM&NRy   CC  RC  CE  RE
     DM&N Ry Co   AE
     DM&N RR Co   RE (manufacturer's mistake - should be Ry)   

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Ry
     DSS&ARy   CE  YE
     DSS&A   CC
     DSS&AR   CE  RE

Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific
     DW&P   RC
  BC  AC

East Broad Top Mountain RR
     EBTMRR   RE

East Saint Louis & Suburban Ry
     ESTL&SRY   RE

East Saint Louis Ry
     ESTLRY   CE

East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia
     ETV&GRy   CC
     ETV&GRR   RC
     ETV&G   CC

Eastern - Also reported as Erie
     ERR   CC  RC   RE 

Elgin. Joliet & Eastern Ry
     EJ&ERy   CC  RC   CE 
     EJ&E   RE

El Paso & Northeastern
     EP&NE   CE

El Paso & Southwestern
     EP&SW    CC  CE  RE  YE

Erie & Wyoming Valley RR
     E&WVRR   GC

Erie RR - See also Eastern RR
     ERRCo   CC  RC  GC  YC
     ERIE RR Co   CC  GC  GE
     ERIE   CC  GE
     ERIE RR   CC  CE
     ERIE (in Diamond)   CC  RC  BC  GC  YC
     ERRCo    RC  YE  BE  CE  GE

E.T. Wright & Co
     ETW&Co   RC

Evansville & Crawfordsville
     E&C   RCut

Evansville & Terre Haute RR
     E&THRR   CC  CE

     ERSCo   CE
     ET&H   CC

Fall Brook Coal Co
     FBC Co   CC  CE RC

Fall Brook Railway
FB Ry   GE   CC  CE

Fitchburg RR
 FRR   CC  RCut

Flint & Pere Marquette RR
     F&PMRR   CC  RC

Florence & Cripple Creek RR
     F&CC RR    BE  CE   RE
     F&CC   CC  RE

Florida East Coast
     FECRy   CC  RC  CE  RE  YE   BE
     FEC   RE
     FEC RY CO   BE

Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern RR

Fonda, Johnstown, & Gloversville
     FJ&GRR   RE

Fort Smith & Western
     FTS&WRR   (no other info given)

Fort Street Union Depot Co
     FStUDCo   CE

Fort Worth & Denver City
     FW&DC   CC
     FTW&DCRR   CE
     FTW&DCRy   CE 
     FTW&DCRY   CC  
     FtW&DC   CE
     FtW&DCRy   CC  CE

Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
     FE&MV   RE  CC

Fulton County Narrow Gauge
     FCNG   CC

Georgia RR
     GRR   CE
     GARR   CC  CE  RE

Georgia-Southern & Florida Ry
     G-S&FRY   RE
     GS&FRy   CE

Georgia, Southwestern & Gulf RR
     GSW&GRR   CE

Grand Central Station
     GCS   RC  GC

Grand Rapids & Indiana
     GR&IRy   CE
     GR&IRR   CE
     GR&I   CE  RE

Grand Trunk
     GTR   CC  RC  YC  GC
     GTRy   CC  RC  CE  BE 
     GTRR   CE

Grand Trunk Western 
     GTW   CE

Great Northern Ry
     GNRy   CC  RC CE  YE  GC, GE

Great Western Sugar Beet Co (Colorado)
     GWCO   CE

Green Bay & Western
     GB&W RR   CE

Gulf & Ship Island
     G&SIRR   CE

Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe
     GC&SFRy   CC  RC
     GC&SF   CC

Hendricks Express Co.
     H EXP Co   CE

Hocking Valley
     HVRy   CC  GC  CE  RE
     HVRR   CC  CE  RE

Housatonic RR
     HOUS.RR   CC

Houston & Texas Central
     H&TC   CC
     H&TCRR   CE

Huntington & Broad Top Mountain RR
     H&BTMRR   CE  RE
     H&BTRR   CE

     HM&N Ry Co   YE

Idaho Southern
     ISRy   CE

Illinois Central - Markings also reported as Intercolonial Ry and Iowa Central Ry
     ICRR   CC  RC  YC  CE  RE  YE  GE
  GC   AC
     ICRy   RC  RC  

Illinois Southern
     ILL S Co   CE

Illinois Terminal
     IT CO   RE

Indiana Harbor Belt
     IHBRR   CE  RE

Indiana Harbor RR
     IHRR   RE

Indiana, Illinois & Iowa RR
     II&IRR   CC BE  CE 

Indiana Union Tracton Co
     IUTCo   CC

Indianapolis & Evansville
     I&ERYCO   CC

Indianapolis & Saint Louis
     I&StL   CC

Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western Ry
     IB&W   RC
     IB&WRy   CC
     IB&WRR   CC

Indianapolis Ry & Light Co
     IRy&LtCo   CE

Inter California Ry Co - See lntercolonial Ry

Intercolonial Ry - Markings also reported as Inter California Ry Co; see also Illinois Central
     ICR   CC  RC

Inter Urban RR
     IURR   CC

International & Great Northern
     I&GN   CC  CE  RE 
     I&GNRy   CC
     I&GNRR   CC  CE

Iowa Central Ry
     IaCRy   CC  RC
     Ia Cen Ry   CC

Iowa Midland
     IMRR   CC  

Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Ry
     JT&KWRy   RC

Kanawha & Michigan
     K&MRy   CC   CE

Kansas City Belt
     KCBRy   CC

Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf
     KCFS&G   RC
     KCFTS&GRR   CE  (presentation globe)

Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis RR
     KCFS&MRR   CC

Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Ry
     KCM&ORy   CE  YC

Kansas City, Oscola & Southern
     KCO&SRy   CC

Kansas City Southern
     KCSRy   CC  GC  CE  RE  YE  GE 
     KCS   CC  RC
     KCSRR   RE
     KCSoRY   CC

Kansas City Stockyard Co
     KCSyCo   CC

Kansas City Terminal Ry
     KCTRy   CC

Kansas City, Wyandotte & Northern RR
     KCW&NRR   CC

Kansas, Missouri & Wyandotte Terminal
     KM&WT   GE

Kansas Pacific
   KPRW  CC CCut

Keweenaw Central
   KC RR  CE

Kentucky & Indiana
     K&I   CE

Kentucky & Indiana Terminal
     K&ITRR   CC  RC  CE  RE

Lake Erie, Alliance & Wheeling
     LEA&W   CE

Lake Erie & Western
     LE&WRR   CC  RC  BC   RE
     LE&WRy   CC  RE
     LEWRR   CC

Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion
     LEF&CRR   CE

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern
     LS&MSRy   CC  RC  YC  GC  BC  CE  YE
     LS&MSRY   CC RC  BC  
     LSMSRY   CC  RC
     LS&MS   CC  CE  RCut

Lake Shore Electric
     LSERY   RE
     LSE-RY   CE

Lancaster & Chester
     L&CRy   CE

Lehigh & Hudson River
     L&HRRy   CE 

Lehigh & New England
     L&NERRCo   CE  RE

Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co
     LC&NCo   CE

Lehigh Valley
     LVRR   CC  RC  BC  CE

Lehigh Valley Transit Co
     LVTco   RE
     LVTC    RE

Lexington & Eastern Ry
     L&E   RE

Litchfield & Madison Ry
     L&MRY   CE

Long Island RR
     LIRR   CC  RC   CE
     LIR   CC

Lorain, Ashland & Southern
      LA&SRR   CE

Louisiana & Arkansas Ry
     L&A   RE  CE
     L&ARy   RE
     "LA. & ARK. RY"    CC

Louisville & Nashville RR
     L&NRR   CC  RC   CE  YE
     LNRR   YE

Louisville, Evansville & Saint Louis
     LE&StL   RC

Louisville, Henderson & Saint Louis
      LH&StLRyCo   CE

      LH&StL   CC

Louisville, New Albany & Croydon Ry
     LNA&CRY   CC

Mahoning & Shenango Ry & Light Co
     M&SRY&LTCo   CE  GE

Maine Central - Markings also reported as Michigan Central
     MCRR   CC  RC  YC  GC  YE  GE  BE
     MCR   GE

Manistee & Grand rapids
     M&GRRR   CE

Manistee & Luther
     M&LRR   CE

Manistee & Northeastern RR
     M&NERR   CC  RC

Marietta & Cincinnati RR
     M&CRR   CCut (fixed globe)

Marietta, Columbus & Cleveland
     MC&C   CE

Memphis & Saint Louis - See Minneapolis & Saint Louis

Metropolitan West Side Elevated
     MWSERy   CE

     MWSE   RE

Michigan Central - See Maine Central

Midland Terminal Railway
     MID TER RY   CE

Midland Valley
     MVRR   CE

Minneapolis & Rainy River
     M&RR Ry   RE 

Minneapolis & Saint Louis
     M&StLRy   CC  RC  BC  YC  GC  CE 
     M&StLRyCo   CC  
     M&STLRR   CC  YC  BC  CE

Milwaukee Electric Ry & Light Co
     MERY&LCO   CE

Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western
     MLS&W   CC

Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern
     MN&SRy   CE

Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Sault Sainte Marie
     SOO LINE    CC  RC  CE  YE   RE

Minnesota & International
     M&I Ry   RE

Minnesota & Pacific Ry
     MINN & PAC Ry   CC

Minnesota Transfer Ry
     MTRyCo   CE

Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Ry
     MR&BTRy   CC
     MR&BT   CE

Missouri Kansas & Texas
     MK&TRy    CC  RC  CE  RE  YE
     MKT    RE
     MKTRR   CE

Missouri Kansas & Texas of Texas
     MKT of T   CC  RC

Missouri Pacific
     MP   CC  RC  YC  CE
     MPRY   CE

Mobile & Ohio RR
     M&ORR   CC  RC  CE  RE
     MOBILE & OHIO RR  (logo)  CE
     M&O   CC  BC

     M&NRR   CC

Montana Union
     MURy    CC

Montour or Monongehela (recent evidence suggests latter)
     MRR    CE  RE, AE

Morgans Louisiana & Texas RR & SS Co
     ML&TRR&SSCo    CE
     ML&TRR&SS    CE

Morganstown & Kingwood
     M&K   RE

Unknown - perhaps Monongehela Railway
     MRyCo   CC

Narragansett Pier - See Northern Pacific

Nashville, Chattanooga & Saint Louis
     NC&StLRy   CC
     NC&STLRy   CE  GE
     NC&STLRR   CE
     NC&STLRy   CE  GE  (logo)

National Express Co
     NAT EX CO   CE

Newburg & South Shore
     N&SSRy   CE

Newport & Sherman's Valley
     N&SVRy   CE

New England RR
     NERR   CC  RC

New Jersey Street Ry Co
     NJStRyCo   CC

New Orleans & Northeast
     NO&NERR   CC
     NO&NE   CC

New Orleans, Fort Jackson & Grand Isle RR
     NOFtJ&GI   CC

New York & New England RR
     NY&NERR   CC

New York Central
     NYCRR   CC  RC  CE
     NYCS      RC  CE

New York Central & Hudson River RR
     NYC&HRRRCo   CC
     NYC&HRR   5.5"   flashed RC

New York, Chicago & Saint Louis
     NYC&STL   CC  RC  
     NYC&StL   CE  RE  YE  GE  BE  
     NYC&STLRR   CC  RC   CE  BE
     NYC&StLRR   CC  RC  BC
     NYC&STLRy   CC  RC
     NYC&StLRy   CC  

New York, Lake Erie & Western RR
     NYLE&WRR   CC  RC  GC  RE  BE

New York, New Haven & Hartford RR
     NYNH&HRR   CC  RC  YC  BC  CE  YE  GE  BE  CE
     NYNH&H   CC  RC 

New York, Ontario & Western Ry
     NYO&WRy   CC
     NYO&W   CC  RC
     NYO&W (Logo)   RE
     NYO&WRR   CC  

New York Pennsylvania & Ohio RR
     NYP&ORR   CC  GC

New York Philadelphia & Norfolk
     NYP&N   CE  BE
     NYP&NRR   CC

New York State Railways Company
     N.Y.S.R.R. CE

New York Susquehanna & Western Ry
     NYS&WRY   CE
     NYS&W RR  CC

New York West Shore & Buffalo Ry
     NYWS&B   CC
     NYWS&BRy   CC  RC

Newport News & Mississippi Valley Co
     NN&MVCo   CC

Norfolk & Western
     N&W   CC  RC  YC  BC  YE  GE
     N&WRy   CC  RC
     N&WRR   CC  RC  CE
     N&Wry   RC  (r over y in N&Wry)

Norfolk Southern
     NSRR   CC  RC

Norfolk & Southern
     Norfolk and Southern Railway

North Carolina - See Northern Central

North West Elevated
     NWERR   RE

Northern Central
     NCR   CC  CE  RE  CE ("pearl glass")
     NCRY   CE
     NCRy   CC  RC
     NCRR   CC

Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co
     NOT&LTCo   RE

Northern Pacific - Some also reported as Narragansett Pier
     NPRR   CC  RC  BC  GC  RE  GE  BE  CCut  BCut  
     NPRy   CC  CE
     NPRY   CC
     NPRR   CE  YE

Northern Texas Traction Co
     NTTCo   CE

Northampton & Bath RR
     N&BRR   RE

Northwestern Elevated
     NWE RR   CE

 Northwestern Pacific
    NWP   CC  CE  RE  YE  RC

     NYPCo   CE

Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain
     O&LCRR   (no other info given)

Ohio & Mississippi
     O&MRR   CE
     O&M   CC  BC  RCut

Ohio Central - See Old Colony

Ohio Electric
     OERy   RE

Ohio River & Western
     OR&W   RE

Ohio Southern RR
     OSRR   CC  RC

Old Colony RR
     OCRR   CC

Oregon & California
     O&CRy   CC

Oregon Electric Ry
     OERy   YE

Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co
     OR&N   CC  RC  RE  CE  GE
     OR&NCo   CC  RC  GC

Oregon Short Line
     OSL   CC  RC

Oregon-Washington RR & Navigation Co
     OWRR&NCo   CC   RC   BE (medium blue)

Quincy, Omaha & Kansas City
     QO&KC RR   CC

Pacific & Idaho Northern
     P&INRR   CE

Pacific Electric Ry
     PERy   CC  RC   CE  RE
     PERYCO   CC
     PE   CC

Peninsular Ry
     PENRy   CE

Pennsylvania RR
     PRR   CC  RC  YC  GC  BC  CE  RE  YE  GE  BE
     PRR (in keystone)    CC  RC  CE  RE  BE
     PS (in keystone)   CC  RC  RE  BE
     PENNA LINES (in keystone)   CE  RE  GE
     PENNA Co   CC

Peoria & Eastern  -  See Pittsburg & Eastern

Peoria & Pekin Union Ry
     P&PURY   CE

Peoria, Decatur & Evansville
     PD&ERy   BC

Pere Marquette
     PMRR   GE  GC

Pharr Shoals Power Co  (Spelling may be incorrect)
     PSPCo   RE

Philadelphia & Erie - See Pittsburgh & Eastern

Philadelphia & Reading - Also reported as Portland & Rochester
     P&RRY   CC  RC
     P&RRy   CE
     P&R   CC
     P&RRR   CC  RC  GC
     USICC P&RRy    CCast/Etched

Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington RR - Also reported as Pine Bluff & Western
     PB&WRR   CC  RC  GC  CE  G/CE
     PB&W   GE

Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore
     PW&BRR   CC

Piedmont & Northern
     P&N   CE   RE

Pine Bluff & Western - See Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington

Pittsburg & Eastern   Markings also reported as Philadelphia & Erie; Peoria & Eastern
  P&E   CE  (fixed  globe)
     P&ERR   RU
     P&ERy   CC

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
     P&LERR   CC  RC CE  
     P&LE   CC  BE  GE
     P.& L.E. R.R. Co. M.W.  RE

Pittsburgh & Shawmut
     P&SRR   CE
     P&SRy   CC  CE

Pittsburgh, Bessemer & Lake Erie
     PB&LERR   CC  RC  

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & Saint Louis
     PC&StLRy   CC
     PC&StLRR   CC
     PC&STL   RC  CE  RE

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & Saint Louis
     PCC&StLRy   CC
     PCC&StLR   CC
     PCC&STL   CC  RC  YE  GE
     PCC&STLRy   CE

Pittsburgh Ry Co
     PRCo   CE

Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern
     PS&NRR   CC  RC  CE   RE   YE
     PS&NRy   CC  BE

Pittsburgh, Shenango & Lake Erie
     PS&LE    CE

Pittsburgh, Westmoreland & Somerset
     PW&SS RR    CE

Pontiac, Oxford & Northern
     PO&NRR   CE

Portland & Rochester - See Philadelphia & Reading

Portland & Rumford Falls RR
     P&RFRR   RC

Portland Ry Light & Power Co
     PRL&P    RE

Portland Terminal - See Portland Traction 

Portland Traction
     PTCo  CE  RE

Providence & Worcester
     P&WRR  CC

Public Service Ry
     PSRy  CE, GE

Puget Sound, Traction, Light & Power
     PSTLt&PCo  RE



Quincy, Omaha & Kansas City
     QO&KCRy  CC

Richmond & Danville
    R&D  GC, CC

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac
     RF&P  CE
     RF&PRR  BE

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac -Washington Southern
     RF&P-WS  CC  YC  BC  RC

Rio Grande Western
     RGWRy  CC
     RGWRy Co CE

Rochester & Eastern Rapid Ry
     R&ERRy  CC

Rockford & Interurban
     R&I Ry  CE

Rock Island & Peoria
     RI&PRR  CC

Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg
     RW&O  RC
     RW&ORR  CC  RC

     RUTLAND    RC  CE
     RRR    CE, CC
     RUTLAND RR Co     CE  YE  RE

Saint Joseph & Grand Island Ry
     StJ&GIRy   CE
     StJ&GI    CC  

Saint Louis & Chicago
     StL&C   CC

Saint Louis, Arkansas & Texas
     STLA&T   CC

Saint Louis, Chicago & St. Paul Ry
     StLC&StPRy   GE

Saint Louis, Keokuk, & Northwest
     StLK&NW  CE

Saint Louis Merchant Bridge Terminal
     StLMBT  CC   CR   RE
     StL&MBT  CC

Saint Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific
     STLRN&P   CC   ("N" is miscast in globe)

Saint Louis-San Francisco
     FRISCO (logo)   CC  RC  CE  RE
     FRISCO SYSTEM (logo)    CC  RC
     FRISCO   CC  RC  YC   CE
     FRISCO LINE (logo)   CC 
     FRISCO LINES (logo)   CC 
     STLSF   CE
     STL&SFRy   CC

Saint Louis Southwestern
     StLSW   CE
     COTTON BELT (logo)  CE  RE  BE 

Saint Paul & Sioux City
     ST.P&SCRR   RC

Salt Lake & Utah
     SL&U  AE

Salt Lake Route (Los Angeles & Salt Lake)
     SLR   CC  RC  CE  RE

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Ry
     SA&APRy   CC  RE
     SA&AP   RE

San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Ry
     SDC&ERy   CE

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR
     SR&RLRR   CE

Sandy River RR
     SRRR   CE

San Francisco & North Pacific
     SF&NP   CE

San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake RR
     SPLA&SL   CC GC

Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Ry
     SFP&P   CC RC

Scioto Valley RR
     SVRR CCut

Seaboard Air Line
     SAL   CC
     SALRy   CC

Seattle Southeastern RR
     SSERR   CE

Shore Line  (Detroit & Toledo, NYNH&H, or ?????)

Sierra Ry

Soo Line - See Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Sault Saint Marie

South Buffalo Ry
     SBRy   RE  BE

Southern Indiana Ry
     SIRY   CC CE

Southern Pacific Co
     SPRR   CC
     SPC   CC
     SPCo   CC  RC  BC  CE  RE  YE  BE
     "SPRR"   CC
     SPRR Co  YC

Southern Ry

South Side Elevated
     SSERR   CE

Spokane, Portland & Seattle Ry
     SP&S Ry    CC  RC  CE
     SP&S   CC   RE

St. Joseph & Grand Island
     St.J&GI    CC  RE

St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba
     St.PM&MRR    CC  RC  RCut

Staten Island Rapid Transit
     SIRTRy   CC  CE
     SIRTRR   CE

Sumpter Valley Ry
     SVRy   CE  RE  YE

     SERR   CC
     SC&GRR   CE

Tennessee Central RR
     TCRR   CC

Terminal RR Association
     TRRA   CC  RC  BC  CCut
     TRRA  of StL  CC 

Terre Haute & Indianapolis
     TH&I   CC
     TH&IRR   CC

Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co
     THI&ECo   CE
     THI&ETCo   CE  RE

Texas & New Orleans RR
     T&NO   CC  CE
     T&NORR   CC  RC  CE  RE 

Texas & Pacific Ry
     T&P   CC  CE  RE
     T&PRy   CC  RC  YC  GC  BC

Texas Midland Ry

Toledo & Ohio Central Ry
     T&OCRy   CC  RE 
     T&OCRY   CC
     T&OCRR   CE
     T&OCRYCo   CC

Toledo, Delphos & Burlington RR
     TD&BRR   RC

Toledo Detroit RR
     TDRR   CE

Toledo, Hamilton & Buffalo
     Th&BRy   RC

Toledo, Peoria & Western RR
     TP&W   CE
     TP&W RR   CC  CE

     TP&W RY   CE

Toledo, Saint Louis & Kansas City RR
     TStL&KCRR   CC   BE
     TStL&KC   CC  RC

Toledo, Saint Louis & Western RR
     TStL&W   CC  YC  RC  BC
     TStL&WRR   CC  RC  YE

Toledo Terminal RR
     TTRR   CC  RE 

Toledo, Wabash & Western Ry
     TW&W RW   RE

 Tonopah & Goldfield RR
  T&GRR   CE AE RE   (originally published as "unknown")

Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Ry
     TH&B Ry     RC
     TH&B RY     CE

Ulster & Delaware
     U&D   CCut
     U&DRR   RE

Union RR
     URR   CE

Union Depot Co
     UDCo   CC

Union Pacific
     UPRR   CE
     UPRY   CC   RC
     UP   CC
     UPRW   CC  GC

Union Pacific - Utah Division
     UPRW-u   CC

Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf
     UPD&G   CC, RE

Union Stock Yard & Transit Co
     USY&TCo   CE

Union Stockyard of Omaha
     USY   CE

Union Traction Co (Indiana)
     UTCo   CE
     UTCO   RE

United States & Canada Express Co
     US&CEX   CE

United States Express Co
     USEXCO   CE

United States Army
     USA   CC

United States of America - See United States Army

United States Railway Administration
     USRA   RC   RC

Utica & Mohawk Valley Ry
     U&MVRy   RE

Utah Copper Co
     UCCo   CE

Utah Idaho Central
     UICRR   CE

Vandalia -  Also see Virginian Ry

Vicksburg & Nashville
     V&N   CC

Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Ry
     VS&PRY   CE
     VS&PRR   CC  CE

Virginia & Southwestern Ry
     V&SWRY   RE
     V&SW   CE

Virginia &Truckee
     V&TRy   CE
     V&TRR   CE

Virginian - Some also reported as Vandalia
     VRR   CC  CE  RE
     VGN Ry   CE  GE  BE
     VA RY    RCut
     VRy   CE

     VPRR   CE

     WABASH (flag logo)   CC  RC  GC  BC  CE  RE  GE  YE  BE
     WABASH Ry   CC  RC
     WAB RR   CE

Wabash, Saint Louis & Pacific
     WStL&P   CC  RC  GC

Washington Terminal - Also reported as Wheeling Traction
     WTCO   CC
     WTCo   CE  RE

Wilkes Barre & Hazleton
     W.B.& H.   CE

Wells Fargo & Co - Some also reported as Wiggins Ferry
     WFCo   RE
     WFco   CC
     WF&CO EX    CE
     W.F.& Co. EXP.    CE

West Chester Street Railway Co
     WCStRyCo   RE

West Shore RR
     WSRR   CC  GC GE
     West Shore BE

Western Maryland
     WMRR     CC  RC  GC  CE  RE  GE  BE   BC
     WMRy    CE  RE
     WMRY   CC  RC
     WM   CC
     WMdRy   CC

Western New York & Pennsylvania RR
     WNY&PRR    CC  CE

Western Ry of Alabama
     WRofA   RE

Wheeling & Lake Erie
     W&LERy   CC  RC  CE
     W&LERR   CC  CE
     W&LE   RC

Wisconsin & Western
     WWRR   CCut

Wheeling Traction - See Washington Terminal

Wiggins Ferry - See Wells Fargo & Co

William J. Young & Co
     WJY&Co   G-Cut

Wisconsin Central Ry
     WCRy   CC
     WCL   CE

Youngstown & Ohio River
     Y&ORR   CE

York Ry Co
     YRyCo   CE

Zanesville & Western Ry
     Z&WRY   GE


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  • Markings in blue are shown as published in "Key, Lock and Lantern" (#56, Summer, 1980, pp. 746-758; #81, pp. 1474-1486; earlier versions in issues #54 and #55); however, minor globe variations such as placement of periods, size, shape of box around cast letters, and safety first markings have not been identified as separate variations.  

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