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6" Globes

Following are known markings of 6" globes from the original "Key, Lock and Lantern" magazine articles. Please see copyright information and other comments in the footnotes.

Markings are grouped by railroad and have been recorded as accurately as possible.  However, due to the nature of the survey, there may be inaccuracies, particularly with regard to capitalization (e.g., "Y" vs "y" in "Ry").  Next to the markings are letter pairs (or in the case of cut globes, a letter followed by "Cut"). The first of each letter pair indicates color (C = clear; R = red; B = blue; G = green; Y or A = yellow or amber) and the second indicates type of marking (C = cast, E = etched, unless specified as Cut). For example, CC = "clear cast" and BE = "blue etched ".  Two letters separated by a slash means a two-color globe, e.g., G/CC = "green over clear cast". Logo globes are those globes which have, as part of the marking, artwork which was a trademark of the railroad, e.g., the B&O Capitol Dome.

Addison County
    ACRR (clear cut fixed globe)

Albany & Hudson
     A&HRRCO {CE}
     A&HRR {CE}  

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
     AT&SFRR {RE}  

Baltimore & Ohio
     B&ORR {RE}  

Boston & Albany
     B&ARR {CC,RC,BC (Fixed Globe)}
     B&A {CC,RC (Barrel)}

Boston & Maine
     B&MRR {CC,RC,GC,BC}  

Boston, Concord & Montreal
{CCut (fixed)} 

Boston, Clinton & Fitchburg
     BC&FRR {RCut}  

Buffalo Creek
     BCRR {RE}  

Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia
     BNY&P {CC,RC,CE} 

Central of New Jersey - See also Cheshire; Concord
     CRR {CC}
     CRR OF NJ {CC} 

Cheshire - See Concord

Cleveland & Pittsburgh RR

     C&PRR {RE}  

Concord - Also reported as Cheshire
     CRR {CE,RC,CC (barrel)}

Connecticut River
     CRRR {CC,CE,RE}  
Delaware & Hudson
     THE D&H (logo) {CC}  

Delaware & Northern
     D&N {RE}  

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
     DL&W {CC,RC}  
     DL&WRR {CC,RC}  

Eastern Railroad
{CCut (fixed), RCut (fixed)}

Erie Railroad  

Erie & Pittsburgh
     E&PRR {RC}  

Erie & Wyoming Valley RR
     E&WVRR {CC}  

Evansville & Crawfordsville
     E&CRR {CE}  

Fall Brook Coal Co
     FBCCo {CC}  

     FRR {CC,RC,GC,BC}

Gettysburg & Harrisburg
     G&HRy {CE}  

Grand Central Station
     GCS {CC}  

Grand Trunk
     GTR {CC, RC}  

Inter California - See Intercolonial

lntercolonial- Also reported as Inter California

     ICR {CC,RC}  

Lackawanna & Pittsburgh RR
     L&PRR {CC,RC}  

Long Island (??)
   LIRR {CC}

Lehigh Valley
     LVRR {CC,RC,YC,GC,BC}  

Missouri Pacific
     MP {CC}  

New Jersey Midland
     NJMRy {CC}  

New York & New England
     NY&NERR {CC,RC,BC}  

New York Central
     NYCRR {CC}  

New York Central & Hudson River
     NYC&HRR {CC,RC,GC,BC}  
     NYC&HRRCo {CC}  
     NYC&HRRR {CC,RC}  
     NYC&HRRRCo {CC}  

New York, Lake Erie & Western
     NYLE&WRR {CC,RC,GC,CC  (Barrel)}

New York, New Haven & Hartford

New York, Ontario & Western
     OW (logo) {CC,CE}
     NYO&WRy {CC}  

New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio
     NYP&ORR {RC}  

Ohio Central - See Old Colony

Old Colony

     OCRR {CC,RC,GC,CE,G/CCut}

Old Colony & Fall River
    OC&FRRR {CC  (Fixed Globe)}
Old Colony & Newport
     OC&NR {CCut  (Fixed Globe)}

     PRR {RC,RE}  
     PENNA Co {CC}  
     PENN Co {BC,CC} 

     Penn Co. {GC}

Pennsylvania Central
     PCRy {(GC}

Philadelphia & Reading - Also reported as Portland & Rochester
     P&RRR {CC,RC,BC,GC} 
     P&RRy {RC,YC,GC,BE}  
     P&R {CC}  

Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore
     PW&B RR {CC}

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago
     PFW&CR {BCut}  

Portland & Kenebec
{RCut (fixed)}

Portland, Saco & Portsmouth
     PS&PRR {CCut}  

     PCRy {GC}  

Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg
     RW&O {CC}  

     RUTLAND {CC}  
     RRR {CC,CE}  
Southern Pacific
     SPCo {CC,RC}  
     SPRR {CC}  

Toledo & Indiana
     T&IRy {RE}  

Toledo & Ohio Central
     T&OCRy {CC}  

West Shore
     WSRR {RC}  

Western Maryland
     WMRR {CE}  
     WMRY {CE}  

Wheeling & Lake Erie
     W&LERY {CC}  

Worcester & Nashua
     W&NRR {CC}  



  • This material is copyrighted by Key, Lock & Lantern, Inc. and cannot be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without express permission from the Board of Trustees .

  • All markings are reported as KL&L members have identified them. No attempt has been made to verify authenticity of any marking. The accuracy of this material is not guaranteed by Key, Lock & Lantern, Inc.

  • No ownership information is maintained with the survey listings. All new markings sent in for addition to the list are treated anonymously, and no ownership information will be disclosed.

  • Markings in blue are shown as published in "Key, Lock and Lantern" (#56, Summer, 1980, pp. 758-760, #81, Fall, 1986, p. 1487; and earlier versions in issues #54 and #55); however, minor globe variations such as placement of periods, size, and shape of box around cast letters have not been identified as separate variations.  Markings in bold red have been added since the original information was published.

Updated 10/21/00.