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Key Lock & Lantern Magazine - Issue 159-166

KL&L Magazine 166

Issue #166 (Apr/May/Jun 2012)

Railroadiana Displayed at the Key Lock & Lantern Convention: Erie RR, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, etc., The Empire State Xpress RoadRailer, Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway, Paper Railroadiana Restoration, New Q&A Questions & More.

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KL&L 165 Cover Hat badges

Issue #165 (Jan/Feb/Mar 2012)

The Development of the Tyden Car Seal, Atomic Switch Lamps, Milwaukee Road Locks & Keys, The Amtrak Arrow Logo Returns, Evapo-Rust Lantern Restoration Tips, Q&A Answers: Cast Iron CP Cover Plate, Key Lock & Lantern Annual Meeting Announcement, Dietz Vesta Lantern Advertising Brochure.

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KL&L Issue 164, cash & baron lantern

Issue #164 (Oct/Nov/Dec 2011)

A Close-Up Look at the Cash & Baron Buckeye Lantern, Forty Years of Amtrak Locomotive Horns, Pullman: The World's Greatest Housekeeper, The Effect of Inflation on Railroadiana Prices, An "Old Timer" Collector, Reproduction Globe Alert, Q&A Answers: Milwaukee Road "DCC" Lock, Missouri Pacific Toilet Lock.

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KL&L Issue 163

Issue #163 (Jul/Aug/Sep 2011)

Santa Fe Railroad Clocks & Watches, NYO&W Railway "Figure Eight" Padlocks, Tape Removal Methods for Paper Collectibles, The Erie Railway Diamond Logo, Postage Stamp Honors "Owney" the Railway Mail Service Mascot, Recent Auction Finds" Q&A Answers: Duluth Rainy Lake & Winnipeg key.

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KL&L Issue 162

Issue #162 (Apr/May/Jun 2011)

Key Lock & Lantern Convention Exhibits, Early Amtrak "Railroad Issue" Timetables, Signals & Signs from New Jersey Railroad Lines, Q&A Answers: Virginian Railway Globe, Oliver Electric Manufacturing Company, New York Central Orange Avenue Freight House.

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Issue #161 (Jan/Feb/Mar 2011)

The Many Faces of the Erie Railroad, New York & Erie Railroad Car Locks, The History of Freight Car Locks, End of an Era in Railroad Passenger Service, Photos from Along the Line: Suburban Passenger Conductor, Contributor Guidelines

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KL&L Issue 160 Switch Keys

Issue #160 (Oct/Nov/Dec 2010)

Switch Key Fever, Presentation & Conductors Lanterns of the Western Maryland Railroad, Cosmetic Restoration of a Railway Express Agency Scale, History of the Dietz Vesta Lantern (Part III), Timetable Reprints, Q&A Answers: Long Island Rail Road Badges.

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KL&L Issue 159 Hoosac Tunnel

Issue #159 (Summer 2010)

Ghosts of the Hoosac Tunnel, Modern Brass Switch Keys, The Care of Switch Lamps (1903), Pennsylvania Railroad Switch Key Divisional Markings, Cleaning Paper Railroadiana, Q&A Answers: NYS&W Key, Adlake Key Serial Numbers, Hocking Valley & Weirton Lanterns.

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