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The Key Lock & Lantern Magazine

Key, Lock & Lantern members receive a printed copy and online access to digital editions of the quarterly Key Lock & Lantern magazine, an essential resource for railroad & transportation historians and antique collectors. Free sample articles in PDF format are available below, along with full PDF versions of recent magazines (free to browse the contents, members password required to view/download):

key lock lantern news

Key Lock & Lantern Newsletter

Key, Lock & Lantern publishes a bi-monthly, PDF-format electronic newsletter, the "Key, Lock & Lantern News." Distributed to members by e-mail and also posted on this page, each issue contains news about railroadiana shows & events, profiles of railroad museums, book reviews, and a "want ad" section. The following issues are available for free download (the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing):

KL&L Lantern Surveys

In the 1980's, Key, Lock and Lantern undertook a series of surveys to document known markings on railroad lanterns and globes. Members were surveyed about their collections through forms printed in the organization's magazine, and members' responses were supplemented with reliable auction and dealer listings. Much of this work was done by KL&L Editor Joel Shaw and KL&L Trustee Ken Andrews. The results of these surveys were published over a number of years in the magazine, with different lists devoted to specific lantern-frame types and globe sizes. This material is republished here with additions as of early 2003.
A&W Reliable Lanterns 3 1/4" Marked Globes
A&W Short Globe Lanterns 4 1/4" Marked Globes
A&W "The Adams" Lanterns 4 1/2" Marked Globes
Dietz Vesta Lanterns 5 3/8" Marked Globes
Keystone "Casey" Lanterns 6" Marked Globes

KL&L Magazine Back Issues

Key Lock & Lantern members have access to digital editions of select back issues, with additional issues to be scanned in the future. Use the above links to view available issues. Back issues and/or reprints (photocopies) of back issues are available on the following price schedule per copy. Original issues are sent where available. When original issues are not available, photocopies of the issue are sent. An index of back issues is available in Adobe PDF format on computer CD. For more information about back issue availability and the KL&L index, contact KL&L VP-Membership / Treasurer Marie Brainard at
Issue 0 $1.00 each
Issue 1-121 $5.00 each
Issue 122-126 $5.50 each
Issue 127-155 $5.75 each
Issue 156-162 $6.50 each
Issue 163 & later $7.50 each

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